Chair of Value in Health

Achieving high value for patients is the overarching goal of health innovation and care delivery, with value defined as the health outcomes achieved per money spent.

The Chair of Value in Health develops teaching, and research activities focused on Value-Based Health Care (VBHC), a standardized approach comparing patient outcomes in real-life. Our VBHC postgraduate program (Diplôme Universitaire) trains dedicated leaders in conducting change through health ecosystems driven by patient health gains. The Chair develops academic research in VBHC at the interface between health economics and innovation management. As part of the University of Paris School of Medicine – one of the largest and most selective in Europe – the Chair participates in organizing a series of VBHC conferences to accelerate the transformation of healthcare systems.

Professor Gregory Katz
Chair of Value in Health 
Université de Paris School of Medicine
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Prof. Gregory Katz, Chair :
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